FRANCISCLARElogo“The form of life of the Order of the Poor Sisters of St Clare is this:
to observe the holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Francis and Clare had only one thing they considered important – to follow in the footprints of Jesus, living a life of love and always  doing  his will.

Francis was rich, popular, and rather wild   until the Lord called him. He gave away everything he had; searched out the poor and told them they were loved by God; nursed the lepers and rebuilt ruined chapels. He never expected anyone to join him but in a short while they did. Many young men and women were attracted to his way of life, very different from most religious orders of that time. Clare was one of those – she understood him better than any and left home at 18 years of age to live as he did, in radical poverty. They were poor because Jesus was poor and had nowhere to lay his head. They clung to the will of God because Jesus always did the will of His Father. The poor were loved because Jesus had compassion and love for the poor, for lepers and the outcast.

There are now many houses of Poor Clares and Franciscans. If God is calling you, he will give you the courage to follow him.

Thank you for visiting our site, and in the words of our Founder, Saint Clare:

“May the Lord be with you always and may you be with Him always, and in every place. Amen.”

Blessing of Saint Clare