ChristA religious vocation comes from Christ.  The call indicates the way in which God wishes us to use our life for His glory. We are in this world for a special purpose that no one else can fulfil. As St Paul says: You are not your own – you have been bought for a great price, the Passion and Death of Christ. For this reason, it seems only good sense to say “Yes” to God’s call even though it ‘costs not less than everything’!

clare_callA vocation is the grace of invitation. But, like the rich, young man in the Gospel, those who receive the grace may refuse even to accept the invitation; or, like Peter, may struggle for a long time before they fully surrender to Christ. Commitment is the grace of vocation freely accepted and generously lived out. A vocation to be a nun comes from God’s free choice of certain individuals; commitment comes from our free choice to cooperate with the graces received with His call and is the fruit of our loving self-surrender to God. When the going is difficult we remember that God can never be outdone in generosity!

“My grace is sufficient for you.”

Jesus is still calling people today but his still, small voice is drowned out in the noise in which people live today, their obsession with mobile phones, the internet and anything that distracts.

Do you feel called or interested in the enclosed religious life?

Here are a few thoughts to help you focus your discernment:

  1. Do you have a desire to live a more intense relationship with God?
  2. Do you want to deepen your prayer life -?
  3. Do you have the courage to let God take over the control of your days? Your hours? Your minutes?
  4. Are you willing to face yourself?
  5. Are you able to forgive others ?
  6. Are you able to move past your mistakes and trust in God’s love for you?
  7. Are you open to sharing, caring and giving yourself to others in a monastic community?
  8. Do you have a sense of humor?
  9. Can you accept yourself where you are at this moment?
  10. Can you accept responsibility?
  11. If you are given a job, can you complete it to the best of your ability without complaining
  12. Can you work with others?
  13. If you need help, are you open to asking for it?
  14. Are you willing at all times to say ‘Yes’ to God?

If you think God could be calling you to be a nun, feel free to contact us
at the address given under “Prayer Request”. We’d be happy to be of assistance.